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Outside Magazine Fly Fishing Videos

This past summer, Outside Magazine published a video entitled "Hooked: A Champion's Story".  It tells the story of Cam Chioffi and his father, who have been bonded by the swing of a fly rod.  Since his father … [Read More...]

Fly Fishing In New Zealand

  Fly fishing in New Zealand is supposed to be extraordinary! It's definitely on my bucket list, but reports from friends and family tell me it's a must.  From Wikipedia; "New Zealand is located near … [Read More...]

The Benefit Of Wolves

In John Muir's My First Summer in the Sierra he stated "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe". The more time I spend outdoors the more I realize this to … [Read More...]

Bull Elk Videos: A Close Encounter

You don't want to be this guy... In October of 2013, a photographer was taking pictures from what is described as a "safe and respectable" distance when a young spike bull came in for a close-up.  The videographer … [Read More...]

Grizzly Bear Salmon Fishing Footwork

When a mama grizzly bear is teaching her cubs to fish for salmon, sometimes it's hard to catch live fish in the deeper pools.  You see many older bears don't like to get their ears wet.  That's why you don't see … [Read More...]

Fly Fishing For Steelhead

As far as fishing videos go, FALL RUN by Todd Moen is one of the best!  He he and his fishing partners capture the essence of fly fishing for Steelhead in Catch Magazine's "FALL RUN".  Shot on location in the … [Read More...]

Best Helicopter Hog Hunting Video

If you hadn't heard of Heli-Hunter yet, get ready for a serious aerial shooting exhibition.  I'm guessing a few of these guys are ex-military because the marksmanship is incredible.  Keep in mind, these choppers … [Read More...]

XTRATUF Neoprene Boot Review

XTRATUF Boot Review If you're a boot manufacturer and your motto reads; "Built for Alaska, Fit for Everyone" your boots better be tough.  That's exactly what the new XTRATUF Neoprene boots are - A tough boot with … [Read More...]

Fly Fishing The Missouri River In Montana

Outside of Craig Montana there's a spot where the trico spinner hatch looks like smoke on the water.  Bugs so thick you can taste them (if you're not careful).  In late summer, this hatch is epic, and Mark Raisler … [Read More...]